As some of you know, I contribute monthly to a very informative writers’ blog called From the Write Angle.  Today is my day to post there, and I am blogging about two subjects near and dear to my heart – the pressing desire of debut authors to avoid being “one book wonders,” and professional self-discipline.  To wit, I argue that as a writer exercises of  self-discipline are required to build an audience and keep them coming back for more.

So if you came here for your daily dose of Sophie only to be disappointed (yes, you Mom), head on over to From the Write Angle.

Before I got up the guts to start this solo blog, I cut my blogging teeth by becoming an active member of the writers’ blog, From the Write Angle.  A group of us who met through AgentQuery Connect and had begun to inch up the ladder of publication together decided to blog together.  The premise of our undertaking:

We learn best, not from our bigger than life heroes, but big brothers and sisters. We run fastest to catch the person just in front of us, not who has already finished the race. We seek The Write Angle to help you, not because we have reached the summit, but because we are in arm’s length, and when you are arm’s length ahead of us, we hope you’ll remember how you got there

I for one have learned so much from the posts of my fellows over at From the Write Angle, and I think you might enjoy their viewpoints on a variety of writing topics.  Also, I continue to blog monthly at that location.  So, if you just can’t get enough of me here (snort) check out From the Write Angle.  My July post (new today) is called Letting Go to Help Our Book Babies Grow and addresses the need for authors to allow publishing professionals to do their jobs.