Greer Macallister, bestselling author of THE MAGICIAN’S LIE and GIRL IN DISGUISE. is doing a wonderful series of #womenshistoryreads interviews in honor of WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH. So far she has featured some of my favorite authors like Kate Quinn, Allison Pataki, Sarah McCoy and Heather Webb.

TODAY IT IS MY TURN! Check out our wide-ranging discussion touching on everything from historical graffiti, the bond between sisters (even when they are queens) and how historical women would identify with the stories of today’s #metoo movement.
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One Response to “It’s Women’s History Month and I Sit Down With Greer Macallister to Talk About Intersections Between the Past and Women’s Presents”

  1. I am forwarding this post to the head of my book club! Thank you for highlighting the old and acknowledging the new. This is such an important month, now more than ever.
    I thought you may be interested in another book that fits nicely within your description! The Secret Life of Mrs. London, a great title that highlights the strength required to be a rising feminist in the early 1900’s while tying in the story of an amazing woman. Definitely check it out, I found it here,

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