Today is the six-week anniversary of the release of Médicis Daughter, and just look how the book has grown!  It now has more than 50 reviews on Amazon, was both a Goodreads and a Barnes & Noble fiction pick last month, and has received scads of excellent and thoughtful reviews by book bloggers.  And that’s ALL thanks to you my friends—readers, bloggers, fellow historical novelists. So it seems only fair to me that any present marking this occasion MUST go to one of your number.

Thus, I am offering a giveaway—this handy mug which has a twin right here on my very own desk. Sexier Than Tudors MugWant  Marguerite de Valois (at least as I imagine her) beside you when you enjoy your morning coffee? Then please enter.

You get one entry for leaving a comment below telling me why you think the Valois run rings around the Tudors when it comes to intrigue and/or sex appeal. Collect another entry for visiting the Médicis Daughter facebook fan page (make sure to “like” it if you haven’t already).  And you can earn a whopping TWO additional chances to win should you chose to share a tweet celebrating the novel’s 6-wk birthday!

Contest ends one week from today (January 19th)!

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7 Responses to “A 6-Week Birthday and the PRESENT is for YOU ;)”

  1. Forbidden love is always sexy!

    Happy birthday, Medicis Daughter!

  2. This would make a lovely addition to my mug collection :p

  3. I’m really not sure why I think the Valois put the Tudors to shame when it comes to intrigue. It seems as if the Valois are less often written about than the Tudors which makes them more mysterious and, therefore, more intriguing. Also, the Valois are French which always seem a little more interesting to me than the English.

  4. The Valois put the Tudor’s to shame since the family is treacherous, manipulative and there is so much intrigue within the characters and their lives. Living in a powerful family it is difficult to have the strength of character to assert yourself. This historical is fascinating. Love the gorgeous mug for my tea.

  5. Thanks to all who entered. Our winner is Martina! Best, Sophie

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