It is launch day at last!  I am off to celebrate at a luncheon including two of my favorite historical authors—Kate Quinn and Stephanie Dray.  But don’t hate me.

The truth is, launching a book involves more work (and sheer terror) than it does champagne.  And what launching a debut novel entails in this age of social media is one of the topics I discuss today at The Paperback Swap Other subjects on the table—why I chose to focus The Sister Queens on only two of the four daughters of Raymond Berenger, Count of Provence; a family controversy about whether I am more like Marguerite or Eleanor; and the book I am working on next.

Oh and you just might win a copy of The Sister Queens in the Paperback Swap giveaway.

13 Responses to “It’s Launch Day Mes Amis!!!!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Sophie! I hope you have a wonderful launch day! A trio of fabulous writers all at one table, I wish I could be a fly on the wall 🙂

  2. Happy Launch Day, Sophie! It is a beautiful book…a wonderful thing to celebrate 🙂

  3. May it be the first of many. And how cool that you are celebrating with other writers today. I’m sure they will help any nerves!

  4. As soon as I figure out who is the patron saint of writers, I’ll be lighting a candle & praying for much success…and then buying a copy to show said saint I’m serious

    • If my dear mother-in-law (of Irish ancestry I might add) were still with us she’d be lighting candles too. Thanks for thinking of me.

  5. A very happy launch day!! Enjoy! There’s never another first book launch day and so it’s always the most special. May SISTER QUEENS enjoy much, much success!

    • Thanks Christopher. I am going to try hard to remember every minute of this day because it was pure bliss and how often can one say that?!

  6. Have a blast. Please post your experiences. July will bring on my first book launch, and am keen to hear of the dos and don’ts.

    • Congrats Pauline! If you haven’t checked it out already I am a member of a group blog called “Book Pregnant” geared towards sharing and discussing experiences of debut authors.

  7. Happy launch day, Sopie! Wishing you every success! 🙂

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