They don’t make men like they used to – heck they don’t even dress em like they used to.  Sigh.  Here’s a video worth salivating over, gentlemen dressed to impress.  And by the way boys—if any men are reading this—any woman who tells you she likes “Casual Fridays” is lying.

4 Responses to “For All the Other Ladies Out There Who Hate “Casual Friday””

  1. LOVED this!!! Ok… going back to watch it again. : )

  2. *mops up drool*

    Yep, they don’t make ’em like they used to!

  3. My son would dress like this if he could. He just begged for (and got) another blazer when we did back to school shopping. And at age six I had him painted in a replica of a suit worn by the Duc d’Anjou in the 1570s. But then we are a family of confirmed history geeks.

  4. HELLO!!! That makes me sit up and take notice! LOL

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