Although the release of my novel, The Sister Queens, is still months away, I am delighted to say that several historical fiction book bloggers have already featured the book.

Amy at Passages to the Past was the first to jump—snagging a sneak peek of my cover for her readers from the NAL Winter catalog.  Daphne at Tanzanite’s Castle was kind enough to add The Sister Queens to her July 7th wish list.  And my fellow AQConnect member Layinda added my novel to her recommended reads.  Thanks ladies!

2 Responses to “The Sister Queens’ Adventures in Blog-Land”

  1. Sophie,

    Your blog looks amazing. Very sophisticated and professional.

    Can’t wait to read Sister Queens.


  2. One important little word. THE. The, the, the. I had NO idea how important “The” would become when my title “The Sister Queens” was selected. But since then I have discovered that “Sister Queens” is not only an existing picture books for little girls who participate in pageants, but also part of the long title on a new work of non-fiction popular history that is coming out in January.

    So dear friends – please remember the “The” when talking about my book (unless you are saying something unpleasant in which case feel absolutely free to leave “the” out 🙂

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